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Your Puppy Will Thank you for Reading (and Following) This

Be nice to your puppy every time he comes to you (even if coming back from an unexpected romp around the neighborhood or doing something disgusting).
Consistently reward correct behaviors with praise.
Give a command only once. Show him – again – if he doesn’t get it right.
Use your dog’s name to get his attention, and then tell him what you want him to do.
Use a normal tone of voice when you give a command. Your dog’s hearing is quite acute.
Be consistent in your actions and expectations.
Provide a daily outlet for your dog’s energies.
Keep your dog mentally stimulated with training.
Understand that your dog is a social animal. Train him so he can be a part of the family.
Socialize your dog with people and other dogs.
Make learning fun for your dog.
Spend plenty of time with your dog and give him exercise every day.
Be patient and your dog will reward you by getting the message.

Don’t do anything your dog perceives as unpleasant when he comes to you.
Don’t nag your dog by repeating commands — nagging teaches him to ignore you.
Don’t use your dog’s name and then expect him to read your mind as to what you want.
Don’t expect your dog to know what the word “no” means.
Don’t yell at your dog. He’s not deaf. Raising your voice doesn’t help.
Don’t lock up your dog or put him out because you haven’t trained him to behave.
Don’t isolate your dog — he’s a social animal.
Don’t expect your dog to obey a command you haven’t taught him.
Don’t get too serious in your training.
Don’t reward undesired behaviors.
Don’t neglect your dog.
Don’t give up when the going gets tough; keep trying.
Don’t blame the dog; you are his teacher.

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