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About Us

Afghanistan German Shepherd Dogs Club is the first dog organization in the country with HQ in Kabul Afghanistan established on January 4, 2018 with the aim to help Afghanistan pets owners and the street dogs.

There are thousands of stray dogs in big cities of Afghanistan, that needs care, vaccination and castration in order to make a free rabies and safe environment for the public members.

According to recent surveys, there are around 35K stray dogs in the capital
Kabul city, out of which 35% are female and 65% are male. The efforts of Kabul municipality and Ministry of Public health could not end the rabies diseases in Kabul so far and none of these dogs are yet castrated.

Many of those dogs are being badly tortured by the street boys; which needs attention in order to educate the public members, families and students on how to behave with the animals who are similar creatures of God like us that needs care and attention in order to live freely.

Our social welfare and dog rescue activities are undertaken with the assistance of international organizations that work for the rights of animals globally. These activities include anti-rabies vaccination, castration and dog rescue.

Our commercial activities include sales of pets (cats and dogs), specialized in German Shepherd breed, dog foods, dog accessories and toys and pets clinic.

We have built partnership with the professional dog breeders in the region and can import your dream GSD puppy through our in-house agency.

Our Blog provides necessary and essential information about pets feeding, breeding, training, healthcare, adaptions, immunization and anti-torture campaigns posts.

We appreciate any kind of donations from public members, commercial entities and organizations to help us fund our social welfare programs.

Key People

  1. Abdul Khaliq Hussaini, Afghan Entrepreneur
  2. Khushnood Nabizada, Journalist and Entrepreneur

About Us

Afghanistan German Shepherd Dogs Club is a reliable organisation in Afghanistan that provides German Shepherd services including breeding, training, healthcare and sales services throughout the country.

June 2024

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