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Our Blog contains useful information about German Shepherd Dogs feeding, training, breeding and keeping. We publish general information about GSDs and specially about Afghanistan.

What do you know about German Shepherd dogs?

March 7, 2019

Weight Male 35-43 Kilograms (77-95 lb) Female 25-33 Kilograms (55-73 lb) Hieght Male 60-65 Centimeters (24-26 in) Female 55-60 Centimeters (22-24 in) Coat See Description Below Color Most Commonly Black and Tan Litter Size 5-10 Life Span 9-13 Years The History and Origin of the German Shepherd Dog The German Shepherd Dog is a breed of large-sized… Read More ›

What are Afghanistan’s pets import regulations?

Afghanistan does not quarantine cats and dogs that meet the following requirements. All requirements also apply to service and emotional support animals. Pet Microchip: Afghanistan does not require that your pet be identified with a pet microchip, but it is recommended that you microchip your pet and register your contact information prior to traveling as… Read More ›

Microchipping service for dogs and cats is now available in Afghanistan

Microchipping service for dogs and cate is now available in Kabul, Afghanistan. You will need to install microchip in the body of your pets when you need to travel and carry your pet with yourself. This is one of the requirements of the aviation authorities. A microchip will also help you to find your dog… Read More ›

Professional healthcare services for your pets

We have set up a professional pets clinic that provides healthcare services for your pets in Afghanistan. The HQ is within Afghanistan German German Shepherd Dogs Club in Kabul. The clinic provides vaccination services, deworming, performs surgeries and does grooming services for the pets. There are certain healthcare tips that pet owners shall take serious… Read More ›

Siberian Husky Dogs in Afghanistan

Siberian Husky is one of the beautiful dog breeds that are kept at home as pets.  We now import 2 to 6 months old Siberian Husky puppies from central asian countries to Kabul, Afghanistan. Interested individuals can visit our kennel club, located in Taimani, district 4 of Kabul city and get one at a very… Read More ›

Afghanistan Kennel Club: We help to educate citizens about different dog breeds

As the only and first kennel club in Afghanistan, we are committed to work with organizations, government agencies, families and individuals to educate them about dogs breeding, feeding, healthcare and training. We breed German Shepherd, Husky, Afghan Shepherd (Kuchi Dogs), Afghan Hound (Tazy) and Doberman. Our fully equipped clinic works 7 days days a week… Read More ›

FDA warns of dog foods recalled for too much Vitamin D

The Food and Drug Administration is warning pet owners that several brands of dry dog food contain too much vitamin D, which can be toxic in high amounts, increasing their risk of kidney failure. The FDA said that dog food sourced from a single manufacturer, but sold by multiple brands, contained “excessive, potentially toxic levels… Read More ›

Reflex Dog Food in Afghanistan

We are the only company that provide and supply Reflex dog food in Afghanistan. Reflex is a well-known Turkish dog food brand that provides both dry and wet dog foods for or different category of dogs in different types and compositions. Reflex Plus High Energy with Beef Adult Dog Food Specifically formulated to meet high… Read More ›

Dog shop in Kabul aims to help pet owners

This article first appeared in The Khaama Press News Agency and we republished it in our blog section. Afghanistan German Shepherd Dogs Club based in Kabul is the only dog shop in Afghanistan. The club established in January 2018 provides healthcare, food and accessories, training and dog selling services in Kabul. It is yet the only dog… Read More ›

Increasing demands for dog foods in Afghanistan

As it has been observed, most Afghans give raw meat, rice, bread, beans, nuts, bones and oily food to their dogs which is not healthy for the dogs and in many cases these types of food are very harmful. This is because there have been neither any dogs club to advise people nor there were… Read More ›

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