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What do you know about German Shepherd dogs?

Weight Male 35-43 Kilograms (77-95 lb) Female 25-33 Kilograms (55-73 lb) Hieght Male 60-65 Centimeters (24-26 in) Female 55-60 Centimeters (22-24 in) Coat See Description Below Color Most Commonly Black and Tan Litter Size 5-10 Life Span 9-13 Years The History and Origin of the German Shepherd Dog The German Shepherd Dog is a breed of large-sized… Read More ›

Microchipping service for dogs and cats is now available in Afghanistan

Microchipping service for dogs and cate is now available in Kabul, Afghanistan. You will need to install microchip in the body of your pets when you need to travel and carry your pet with yourself. This is one of the requirements of the aviation authorities. A microchip will also help you to find your dog… Read More ›

Professional healthcare services for your pets

We have set up a professional pets clinic that provides healthcare services for your pets in Afghanistan. The HQ is within Afghanistan German German Shepherd Dogs Club in Kabul. The clinic provides vaccination services, deworming, performs surgeries and does grooming services for the pets. There are certain healthcare tips that pet owners shall take serious… Read More ›

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Afghanistan German Shepherd Dogs Club is a reliable organisation in Afghanistan that provides German Shepherd services including breeding, training, healthcare and sales services throughout the country.

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