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Increasing demands for dog foods in Afghanistan

As it has been observed, most Afghans give raw meat, rice, bread, beans, nuts, bones and oily food to their dogs which is not healthy for the dogs and in many cases these types of food are very harmful. This is because there have been neither any dogs club to advise people nor there were pet shops previously where people could refer for any kind of dog foods or dog accessories.

Fortunately, the Afghanistan German Shepherd Dogs club which has been established in the beginning of 2018 provides health services through a professional pets clinic that owns many experience and professional vets and in addition the AGSD.Club owns a pet shop that sells different types of dog food (Royal Canin, Dr. Clauder’s, Reflex, Pedigree, Team Breeders, Brid and King) and it also offers dog toys and accessories.

In the past nine months of AGSD operations in Afghanistan, we now notice that the demands for the dog food has increased in the markets specially in the capital Kabul. We receive dozens of dog owners daily that visit our shop to buy dog food and accessories for their pets which is a very good sign.

We at AGSD, hereby advise the dogs owners in Afghanistan to prefer dog food than what themselves eat at home for their dogs.

For any inquiries please contact us at or call our sales representatives at +93729702222 / +93784315315. Or pay a visit to the pet shop which is located at the 2nd Street in Taimani project, Kabul – Afghanistan.

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